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Sway Power Consulting Network Services offers:

Sway Power Consulting Network services refers to software and connectivity tools managed by our network team. There are great advantages to having a network system, like increased quality control and issue management.

Sway Power Consulting offers a variety of network services for all our clients, proactively fixing issues that can occur. We offer all our clients full daily, weekly and monthly report and control of every single issue. With a lot of experience in managing virtualization, data-center and complex network. Sway Power Consulting Network Services guarantees customer satisfaction and minimum downtime at very low prices. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our network services; we can give you free tips to improve your business.

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Why Network Services are Needed:

An intelligent network helps companies grow faster. There is a place in your company where no one wants to go because they are afraid of being electrocuted. That small or large closet full of cables and electronic equipment is safe with Sway Power Consulting. We take care and maintain the closet organized and documented as part of our network services. The equipment that are within that closet will be maintained and cleaned as well. Our team will improve your company eliminating all unnecessary connections and likewise considerably diminishing the risk of system downtime. With Sway Power Consulting network services you are in good hands.

Our goal is to help your company meet the challenges of today’s fast growing network demands by ensuring that we deliver network services that are secure and flexible. A faster and more efficient network means your business will function in a more cost-efficient manner and that customers will be happier with the services your company provides.

No matter what your company’s internet needs (high-speed access, Ethernet or MPLS-based), with our network services we offer you a wide range of adaptable network solutions.

More Details on the Network Services We Offer:

Network services offered by Sway Power Consulting allow businesses to never stop working! Let say your main application requires Internet to run (most applications nowadays do), what happens if the internet goes down? With Sway Power Consulting you don’t have to worry about internet downtime, we have solutions that at very low prices allow you to have a backup of your internet, configured in case of issues with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is not the only thing we offer, with this solution, you also have a firewall in your gate that prevents any attacks from outside your organization, and if you want more, for an annual subscription you can get counter filter and antivirus. With the counter filter you have the option to block certain websites by categories like malware, drugs and alcohol, nudity etc. With our network services you also have the option to block specific websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and you can do this by user or group of users. The (Firewall/Router) Antivirus is a first layer of security, followed by the antivirus installed in your computers and servers. The antivirus in the gate (Firewall/Router) is going to be blocking most of the threats before they get into the network.

More Network Services: Backup, ACL and QoS:

network servicesA Firewall/Router with dual WAN port allows you to have two ISPs like Comcast in ISP1 and ATT in ISP2, one with high speed and the other with slow speed internet servicing as Backup. The firewall/Router also allows you to connect to different devices on the network with different level of access (Access Control List). For example, company computers, servers and laptops with access to all the resources, mobile phones with only access to the internet. The Firewall/Router also allows the company to apply Quality of Services to critical applications. For example, if the company is running VoIP phones, the quality of the phone connection is more important than a YouTube video.

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