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Fiber Optic Termination

It consists of the representation of one or more ends of the FO in Patch Panel or Boxes, following the established standards and color code. A proper fiber optic termination will protect the fibers from dirt or damage during use and prevent excessive light loss, thus making the network work more efficiently.

Migration to new forms

Elimination of mechanical connectors and replacement by Pigtail. These connectors have a high-quality finish, far superior to what could be achieved with manual connectorization. Improving signal quality and reducing losses. 

Interconnection of Subnodes

Allows scaling to a Network with much higher speed and bandwidth. It makes it easy to physically separate services or subnets.

Within the network solutions we offer there is the installation of firewall in your gate that prevents any attacks from outside your organization, and if you want more, for an annual subscription you can get counter filter and antivirus. With the counter filter you have the option to block certain websites by categories like malware, drugs and alcohol, nudity etc. With our network services you also have the option to block specific websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and you can do this by user or group of users. The (Firewall/Router) Antivirus is a first layer of security, followed by the antivirus installed in your computers and servers. The antivirus in the gate (Firewall/Router) is going to be blocking most of the threats before they get into the network.

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