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Our management operations team takes care of the daily workings of the network, which include 24/7 monitoring to identify any problems before they affect can the users. Our network management administrative team keeps track of the resources being used in the network and the assigning of those resources in an optimal way. Our network management maintenance team does exactly that. We maintain the network by completing repairs, restoring systems and adding upgrades coping with increased usage and traffic. Our expert team also manages performance analysis to track availability of in use resources. We also take care of notifications designed to send alerts via multiple devices in response to specific scenarios if they arise.

For the amount of computers/servers and services we came up with a solution for the clients based on blocks of hours.

What You Get With Hours Blocks:

Network Management

Remediation Services:

The system allows us to access any computer/server on the network remotely, allowing us to perform remote support and/or helpdesk. The billable time for the remediation services is based on the sum of the time we spend in the computers/servers monthly. For example, we can service the client remotely 4 times and spend 15 minutes each time, so the bill will be for one hour only.